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A pastor, philosophical theologian, preacher, professor, author, community leader/organizer, leadership developer, thought leader, public intellectual, social entrepreneur, innovator, consultant, executive leadership/life coach and organizational turnaround specialist with over thirty years of professional experience working with non-profit, religious, academic, military and government interests - locally, nationally and internationally 



New Horizons provides catalytic and transformational leadership, and organizational development solutions through executive leadership/life coaching focusing on work-life (whole life) balance for non-profit and religious leaders, and through strategic planning, visioning and futuring for churches and non-profit organizations. Dr. Hunt and New Horizons have worked with over 200 churches and non-profit organizations, provided leadership/life coaching to over 200 leaders, with over 2000 hours of coaching, and resourced leaders in larger group settings from local to international judicatory, academic and governmental contexts – from Bermuda, Barbados and Honduras, to Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. He is currently a congregational leadership coach with the Source Collaborative with Wesley Theological Seminary and the Lily Endowment. He is the author of the "Leadership Series", a twelve-part resource manual for developing church and nonprofit leaders. Academic courses and seminars offered include: Turning Vision into Action; Transformational Leadership; Building Effective Teams; Ministry Outside the Box; Inculturating Leadership; Leadership in Diverse Ministry Settings; and Identifying Real Community Needs.   


BCI provides innovative and strategic solutions and resources for community-building, community organizing, multiculturalism, nonviolence, peacemaking and bridge-building.  Dr. Hunt is the author of the groundbreaking books - "Blessed are the Peacemakers: A Theological Analysis of the Thought of Howard Thurman and Martin Luther King, Jr." (2005), "Come Go with Me: Howard Thurman and a Gospel of Radical Inclusivity" (2019), and "I've Seen the Promised Land: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 21st Century Quest for the Beloved Community" (2020), along with the groundbreaking resource manual, "The Beloved Community Toolkit" (2017). He is considered to be an international thought leader in enacting the Beloved Community, and has trained over 250 graduate students, and numerous other community and church leaders in advanced theory/practice in nonviolence, peacemaking, the Beloved Community and the history of the Civil Rights movement, and developed and leads/teaches the “Enacting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Beloved Community" Doctoral Focus Group at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio.  Academic courses (master's and doctoral level) and seminars offered include: Retracing the Steps of Freedom (in Birmingham, Montgomery and Selma, AL); The Church and the Civil Rights Movement; The Life and Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Howard Thurman: Pastor, Prophet, Theologian; Theologies of Liberation and Resistance: Black Lives Matter, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi; Spiritualities of Liberation and Hope; and  Howard Thurman and Martin Luther King, Jr.: Prophetic Leadership.        


New Urban Ministry (www.newurbanministry.blogspot.com) provides innovative strategic solutions to religious and non-profit entities involved in church and community turnaround in urban contexts. These resources and solutions include catalytic leadership and strategic organizational development for urban contexts (national and international) through consulting, workshops, leadership coaching and academic courses/research/publication.  From 2006-08, Dr. Hunt was project manager and lead writer for Hope for the City, the ten-point strategic plan of the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church for strengthening churches and communities in Baltimore. He subsequently was the founding District Superintendent of the Baltimore Metropolitan District in 2008, and also served as Executive Director with the launch and implementation of Hope for the City in Baltimore from 2008-12. He has trained over 175 graduate students in advanced theory/practice through intercultural urban immersion experiences in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Alabama (Birmingham, Montgomery and Selma). Academic courses and seminars offered include: Understanding Community; Foundations of Urban Ministries; Violence and the City, Public Witness and Community Partnership; The Tale of Two Cities (Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD); and the twelve-module Hope for the City: Transforming Urban Leaders Academy. He is currently scheduled to teach a doctoral-level course entitled "Ministry on the Margins: Poverty, Migration/Immigration, and Urban Issues" at Cambridge University, UK in 2024. His book, "Hope for the City: Transformational Leadership Development for Urban Ministries" was released in 2022.  

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