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 Stones of Hope              Keep Looking Up: 
          (2017)                 Sermons on the Psalms                                         (2016)

My Hope is Built: 
Essays, Sermons and Prayers
      on Religion and Race (vol.2)  (2011 )  

And Yet the Melody Lingers: 
Essays, Sermons and Prayers on 
Religion and Race (2006)

Blessed are the Peacemakers: 
A Theological  Analysis of the 
Thought of Howard Thurman and  
 Martin Luther King, Jr. (2005)

Come Go with Me: Howard Thurman and a Gospel of Radical Inclusion (2019) 

Holding Onto Hope: Essays, Sermons and Prayers on Religion and Race, Vol. 4 (2020)

The Leadership Series (1999)

                   ​Things that Matter -
                     Messages for Transformed Living 
                                      ( 2022)

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Hope for the City - 
Transformational Leadership Development 
for Urban Ministries 

Redeeming the Dream -
Essays and other Writings on
Martin Luther King, Jr. and Social Justice

Upon the Rock: 
   A Model for Ministry with 
         Black Families (2002)           

                                                                                                           Beloved Community
                                                                                            Toolkit (2017)   

The Black Family: 
The Church's Role in the 
African American Community  (2001)  



Buildng Hope: 
New Church Development in the 
African-American Community (1997)

                              I've Seen the Promised Land: 
                      Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 21st Century 
                        Quest for the Beloved Community (2020)

                                   Songs for the Seasons: 
                     Sermons on the Psalms, Vol. 2 (2020) 

                                                                                                    Hope Sings:                                                                                                       Sermons on the        
                                                                                                Psalms, Vol. 3