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Serving a New Generation of Non-Profit Leaders and Organizations

               (Whole-Life, Life-Work Balance,                Whole Life and Prioritization Coaching)​

               Religion and Race, UMC
               Education and Ministry, UMC
               Ministries, UMC
              Renewal National Caucus
      * - Lewis Center for Church Leadership,  
              Wesley Theological Seminary, 
              Washington, DC
      * - Institute for Community Engagement (ICE)
              Wesley Theological Seminary, 
              Washington, DC 
      * - Loyola University of Maryland,              
               Baltimore, MD 
              Renewal, Northeastern Jurisdiction
      * - University of Tennessee - 
             Chattanooga, Wesley Center
      * - National Presbyterian Church,  
            Washington, DC  
      * - U.S. Social Security Administration, 
            Woodlawn, MD
      * - U.S. State Department,
             Washington, DC  
      * - First Presbyterian Church, 
             Yellow Springs, Ohio
      * - Second Episcopal District, African 
             Methodist Episcopal Church, Board of 
      * - Zimbabwe (Africa) Conference, UMC
      * - Boston University School of 
              Madison, NJ
      * - United Theological Seminary
               Dayton, OH
               Alexandria, VA
               Richmond, VA
      * - New York Avenue Presbyterian Church,     
              Washington, DC
               Baltimore, MD
               Conference, AME Church
              Conference, UMC
              Towson, Maryland
                NAACP, Chillicothe, Ohio
      *  - Maryland Institute College of Art,    
              Baltimore, Maryland 
      * - Old Otterbein UMC, Baltimore, Maryland